20 May 2011


don't have any strength to faced it. it already reach the limit. thank you. i'm fine with it. just go. i don't want it anymore. lantak p la. what did you do with my heart? it so sudden. silence without any warn for me. warn for me to take action. what will happen next? i'm sorry. but. my heart just want to speak. it's better i let it go. but. look. already hurt your heart. but. my heart just want to say what i'm thinking about now. it's very important. because. that thing involved our story. dear. i'm sorry. but i didn't mean it. and sometimes i feel like i want to be alone. without you. but sometimes i think i need you more than everything. sometimes i think that how long we are in a relationship doesn't mean anything if we didn't happy with it. sometimes i think that you didn't love me like you used to. sometimes i feel like i'm the only girl in the world that didn't know how to give happiness for her partner. but can you tell me why. i don't want to blame anyone else. just enough. blaming myself for my own mistakes. it's more better. dear. can we break up for a certain time. i just want to be alone. didn't know why. but i want to. dear. i'm sorry. because i'm doubting your sincerity. but i need some space for me to motivate myself. i know. there no more space for me if i back off now. and yes. i don't want to. but. it just a feeling. dear. i'm so sorry for letting your heart ache. i'm so sorry and i meant it.

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