12 May 2011

.every time.

peeps. hy. today nak cerite pasal every time pulak. knpe dgn everytime? ok. like this.

one person. didn't want to mention this person name.
every time i think about this person. i feel weaker than usual. why? i also don't know why. so. do not feel free to ask me why. every time i stalk this person. i will feel more awful than usual. this is because. i don't have any strength to say it loud. i'm sorry. every time i try to keep a distance from this person. i will feel like dying. i don't know why. and i don't know how to overcome this matter.


this another one person. always make me feel better than usual. always make me feel stronger than usual. always make me feel that life is much more enjoyable than usual. and thanks to this him. i feel more alive.  i can feel enough his passion for me. i can feel that he always there for me no matter what. and every time i met this person. automatically i will smile brightly. and he will treat me like there will be no other day that we did not hang out together.

thanks to person D because left me behind for nothing. because i've just met one little savior to save my day. and if all of you want to know who my little savior is. then. it's a pleasure to introduce to all of you. I LOVE YOU MR. FUAD.

suiti little pumpkin

*link for this song[i know that my background song disturb it]

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