14 May 2011


peeps. saje buat entry ntah pape neh. my mr. G punye statement. tak tahu la betul ke tidak. amek dari TWITTER je. 

1)I don’t always want to aim to be number 1, but I don’t like to be number 2. - GD

2)I don’t like to shoot and try all the huge things just at once. I want to grow up with my fans. - GD

3)When it comes to love, I make my relationship feel like we’re close friends. - GD 

4)When I’m back from the stage, I change myself to be the real me. I don’t like to act like a celebrity. - GD 

5)For me, Big Bang are my family, also my close friends, related ones who accepts me and who I respect from the bottom of my heart - GD

6)The reason why I think the distances between fans and us is really important is because when I was young, I was very glad that my favorite artist touched me on the stage. I think I will never forget that feeling in my life, so I want to make my fans feel the same as much as possible. - GD

7)To define the word “close friends”, I will say it’s the people who understand each other without saying any words - GD 

8)"I think my mother was much greater than me." - GD 

actually bnyak lagi. but malas nak selongkar. thats why la i suke my mr. G.
love his rabbit teeth.

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