24 December 2011


peeps. mesti pelik right. yes.this entry is about soulmate. haaa? my soulmate? naaaa. not going to talk about my soulmate la dude. just want to share something about what i'm thinking right now. and yes of course. mase dolu-dolu pun sy dah thought about it. guess what. soulmate tu exist. but yet. ye la. kite bukan tau pun that particular person that we met is our soulmate right? bukannye ade cop on their forehead tulis our name. kan? hahahaha. so funny if that thing happens. kan? okay. dah merapu. back to our topic. guess what. during my school time tu kan. i always thinking. how come two different genders. oke. oke. women and men. how come la both of them bole together for a long period of time without separating. yela. i always fikir. macam mane my mom boleh tahan with my dad behaviour and live together with my dad? and vice versa. cube you all fikir. both of them tak pernah bored ke ek? yeah i know. tu kuase Tuhan. oke. back to the main topic. as what i can see. mase couple everything is beautiful. but yet. if they claim that they had found their soulmate, how come they must be separated? how come people divorced? everything happens always ade hikmahnye right? know what. i just wonder how come for some of my friend could have a relationship yang sometime tahan for years. yelah. when i'm ask, they will said that they only have 2 or 3 ex boyfie je. haiyak. just wonder. they had their relationship at least 5 years before they separated. and why they are now separated? yes. maybe they all takde jodoh. ayat yang paling cliche yang always heard from those who had couple for a long time and they had to separate because of stupid things. ape stupid things to? ye la. like this. "you are too good for me." , "my mom said that i'm not ready yet to have a partner in my life." , "my mom ask me to focused on my study first." kan cliche tu. while mine, haih. for the longest time ever hanye 1 and half years sahaje. but tu dolu-dolu je la. and yes. now. alhamdulillah. my relationship is bertahan until now. yeah! gigih kan? so, now. baru i realize macam mane their relation boleh long lasting. yeah!there's no specific answer for that question. yes. sendiri mau faham la kan. so, tak perlu tanye. okay. listen. memang nak jumpe our own soulmate tu payah. but at least. try la. appreciate what ever yang ade right infront depan mate kite. tak salah pun kan. tak rugi ape pun. at least. we are trying. takde la later if we separated kite menyesal plak kan. at least kite dah try untuk membahagiekan our partner even kejap. so. korang pun dah besar right? sendiri boleh pilih jalan masing-masing. i just can wish all the best je. n_n

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