01 December 2011


sekarang. tak tahu nak conteng ape dalam blog ni. banyak cerite yang nak diceritekan tapi. tak mampu nak cerite. sebab. sekarang bukan mase untuk bercerite tentang perkare yang remeh temeh ni. mungkin. laen hari. saye update.

just want to remind myself and my readers. take a good care of our heart. it might broken once we left it to the wrong person. as you know. our heart bukan barang mainan. not like once broken consider sold. yeah. so. just take a good care of it while it still in a good condition. but in this situation, i think a lot of girl out there have at least once in a life time to feel how hard it is when our heart is broken. and i agree if there's also have some guys who admit it.

if you don't want others hurt you that much so it's better if you don't do it. because you already know how hard it is to be in that situation.

*credit to mr.google.

p/s:every heart  have their own limit to be broken.

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