17 July 2011


.peeps. nak share something. but. first. i wanna ask something. if korang ade problem with your partner[makwe or pkwe la konon], then you all story la dekat membe yang korang rase boleh nasehat you all. then your members said like this, "alah,tinggal je minah tu. ade minah laen pulak kan yang lagik hot yang suke kat kau punn. amek je la." is it the meaning of true friend? what if kalau you all ckp mcm tuh balek bile dye pun ade problem ngan awek dye plak. fair kan?

okeh. actually. just one thing je la yang i feel that i didn't satisfied with ade la certain people that i thought "ouh ok. mamat ni nampak baek je." bak kate orang punn. first impression tuh important right? but. when the first impression is good, boleh tak buat first impression tuh jadik betul. like mcm ni la. "ouh. mamat ni mesti baek. muke baek je." tapi actually tak de la good enough kan. i don't know either what i'm thinking is right or not. but mostly it is right. mesty tak paham kan?

you all. just nak advise la kan. if one of your member ade problem with their partner. why not. jadik a good freind so that tak de la orang laen tersekse. every people in the world have their own advantages and disadvantages. so. accept je la kelemahan orang tu. nobody perfect la dude. kalau semue orang dalam dunie ni nak yang so perfect je. mcm mane pulak dgn yang tak perfect? you know what. yang tak perfect tu la yang sometimes akan sempurnakan your own life.

i don't know what else i want to said. ingat la. find a good friend not the batu api one. ni tidak. bile sendiri ade problem then story plak kt membe yang mcm longkang. datang si membe yang longkang ni pulak p bagik nasehat yang mcm longkang jugak. memang tak la kan your relationship hancur. just one thing. if korang ade problem, ingat la. tak semue problem korang kene share ngan membe. masing-masing dah already big enough. da boleh fikir mane baek mane buruk. so. think it wisely.
*credit to google!
p/s:i'm really-really sorry if you all rase my words are too harsh.
but now,i'm really-really upset.

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