20 July 2011


peeps. want to ask something. do you believe in yourself? did you? i am tired with it. faith. yes. we need faith to guide us. but at the same time. we also need believe in our life. duhhh. stop talking nonsense la. it is impossible to understand right?

he is now a different person. not the same like i used to know. yet. he didn't know me well. plus. if i adore somebody like an artist so much. is it a sin? to adore somebody. is it a sin for me? i don't know what to do. and i don't know yet what to say. if with my behavior will make you annoyed. then. let it be. just ignore me.

i bet you know me so well. until we reach this far. but yet. i feel that you don't know me that well. i guess.

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