24 July 2011


peeps. heee. want to ask something la. fantasi tu perlu tak? just want to know. sometimes i kept thinking about it. yeah. you know kan. everybody needs to dream. kan? correct me if i was wrong ye. but based on what i know la. everybody since young la kan. i bet la. everybody have their own fantasy. like young girl. dream of a prince charming will come into their life kan? heee. it just a sweet things to dream of kan?

by the way. when we keep thinking of it. actually. fantasy is important. but. jangan la sampai mcm ni. "ouh.saye tak payah kerje la.have somebody yang akan bagik money dkt saye nnt". *dead. hahahahaha. it is just nice if sometimes we dream about something yang it might be we cannot get it. with it. with the fantasy we will more cheerful and positive with our path in our life. kan?

gosh. there's a lot of fantasy that i always thought about. but. naaaah. all of the fantasy just a fantasy. nothing will change it and it will still the same even if i am grow old. but one thing. isn't fantasy such a beautiful and sweet thing that only happen once in our life? isn't it?

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