13 October 2011


sorry to say. i just didn't mean it. and it so. fine. what ever i said, there's a reasons for it. it's not like "oke!aq saje je nak ckp mcm tuh!" and did you get it. yes i know that "dye" pun ade pride. yeah right! he's a guy kan. i'm sorry again. just like what i said. i didn't mean it. didn't mean to get mad. but yet. i think it's good enough when i didn't blew up everything. sorry again. yes. i deactivate my facebook account for you dear. yeah. you told me not to get mad with him in public right? it's better i back off for a while. just sent a message then i'll be there for you. it's not like i don't want to get in touch or i'm angry with you. but just. ithink it's more better if i leave things back to usual. to you jaja fadzalina. i think it's better if you delete your wall post that you make. sorry to say but your word getting to harsh. and it's more better if you also back off and didn't easily get mad with it. okay. like she said. he also get some pride and we'll hurt his pride if we continue posting those things. to my dear fara. i'm sorry for let my emotions conquer my mind. for certain reason i just didn't mean to hurt his pride and i also didn't want to make you sad. just. think again. he did post those things to my wall and yet i just. naaaah. i don't know la. just sorry. from now on. i'll never scold him. thanks n_n

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